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Established in 2000 

Fully Licensed & Insured
LIC. # 13VH06433400

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About Us

G A Landscaping LLC

G A Landscaping, LLC, a NJ company, began in April 2000 in Somerset County as a sole proprietorship owned by Gabriel Asuncion. Mr. Asuncion has been a landscaper since 1990. We currently provide landscaping services in Somerset and Middlesex Counties. We own, not lease all of our landscaping equipment that we use to perform our services.


We Are Making a Difference

G A Landscaping SAVES you money while providing a green weed-free lawn, while helping the environment!

  • Safe for Kids, pets and family

  • 100% Organic and tested for 20 years

  • Nearly eliminates phosphates and nitrates

  • Reduces carbon footprint

  • Not connected to petroleum costs

  • Less water needed improving drought tolerance

  • Greatly improves root development

  • Natural weed suppression

  • Natural insect suppression including grubs

  • Natural fungus and disease suppression

  • Aligned with current environmental trends

  • Naturally balances the pH of the soil

Our Clients Reviews

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